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"Systems change does not always require systems thinking" and the iterative deficit trap struck a chord for me: lately I've been trying to avoid to the people I work with the constant and inevitable overexposure to frameworks – I work the the agile space (consulting, teaching, coaching and all that jazz) and we definitely have a framework overload problem.

Yes, I can make you do a "fill-in-the-boxes" exercise with Cynefin in order to make you familiarize with complexity's principles, but what if I help you build your own map?

That goes partly against what you are saying (learning to use what's already there instead of working from first principles) but in my context - as a trainer and coach — I think that the usage of frameworks as a teaching tool is way, way overblown.

I am also very self-critical about the self-serving nature of a lot of business frameworks — "I'm an agile coach so let me explain you how Cynefin justifies the usage of agile practices and hence my consulting work" (which is an obvious case of what you call "conceptual stretching").

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